Postcards from our Bicycletour

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Become a part of our Worldbicycletour!
Get an unique artwork by Olga, painted on a postcard, as well as a personal message directly from our tour!

This is what you get:

  • Direct support of our trip!
  • A unique piece of art, painted by Olga!
  • Become a part of our journey!
  • With personal text from us for you! (english or german)
  • Worldwide shipping from the country we are currently traveling!

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Get your postcard now for 60€

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The Prestory:

Olga always liked to paint and draw and as a small child she already was the artist of the family. In fact, as a 6-year-old, she has organized a small exhibition and sold her first works in collaboration with a friend of her mom who is an artist.

During our trip, Olga also continued to paint. From time to time she painted some of our adventures or the imposing landscapes in a particularly beautiful camping spot.
However, when our camera broke down in Kazakhstan, she intensely started to capture our journey with her illustrations in postcard format. Since then around 100 illustrations in a unique style have been created which reflect the experiences of our journey.

When we posted them on Facebook for the first time, they were extremely well received by you and we have received more than one request for how to purchase one of Olga’s pictures.

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Selection of Olgas Illustrations:

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Our Offering:

Now, for the first time, we want to make it possible for you to receive your own artwork from Olga in the form of a postcard greeting!

This allows you to become a part of our journey – on both sides! You will receive an artwork by Olga as well as a personal message directly from our tour and we will receive your financial support to continue our journey!

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The Postcard:

Postcards have always been used to send greetings from distant countries to friends and beloved ones. We take the whole thing to a new level and let you become a direct part of our journey. Your support goes directly and completely into our travel fund, so this postcard makes it possible that our journey continues! A win-win situation!

  • You will receive a self-painted postcard with country-specific elements of the country in which we are currently located. We are both pictured with our bicycles.
  • On the front, there is also a lettering with a greeting from the country in which we are currently traveling.
  • On the back are a personal text for you and information about the image.
  • The texts on the front and back can be written either in German or English. You can choose this in the order process.

Your postcard will look similar to this. More pictures are available in our online shop during the ordering process. Depending on the country in which we are, the above deviations occur. Each card is a unique piece personally painted by Olga. Deviations from the illustrations are possible.
P.s. Of course, our beloved partner sheep is also pictured!

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Ordering your Postcard:

Click the banner to be redirected to our onlineshop and to order your postcard.

Get your postcard now for 59,90€

By clicking on the banner you will be redirected to our online shop at Etsy.com. The entire order process including payment and stating your postal address is via Etsy. 
If the banner is not displayed, please click here to order.

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Additional Information:

Which payment options are available?

The complete ordering and payment process runs through our online shop at Etsy.
There you have the following payment options:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit / Bank Cards
  • Etsy Vouchers and Etsy Credits
  • PayPal
  • iDEAL (only in the Netherlands)
  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay

How the pictures are painted?

We will probably stop in a nice Restaurant or a Hostel if an order comes in, to have enough time to make the postcard for you. Depending on the country we are currently traveling, the greeting and the objects on the postcard will be different. The painting process normally takes about two hours. We have all the equipment for painting with us in our panniers.
The postcards are painted by Olga with watercolor and ink in DIN A6 format (postcard size, 10.5cm x 14.8cm). Olga uses paper weighing 190g / m2.
When the painting is finished, Michel will write the personal message for you. Then we will go to the next post office and send the postcard to you.

What is the Text on the back saying?

We will use your name from the ordering process to write a personal message for you! Also there are information about the image on the backside.

Can you get a customized postcard?

Yes you can! We can paint a postcard with your own motif and with your own wishes. Just click on “Make a custom order” in our Onlineshop and then we can talk about the details!

How the postcards are delivered?

  • We use the local postoffice for delivery.
  • To ensure that the postcard arrives safely at your home, it will be shipped in a double Envelope.
  • A worldwide shipping is possible.
  • Sending the postcard as a present to an adress of your friends or family is also possible.

From where do you get your postcard?

From the country we are currently travelling through.

How long does the shipping take?

Worldwide shipping: 1-6 weeks

The postcard is painted as soon as possible and then sent to you from the nearest major post office. Depending on the country we are located and the country where we will send the postcard, it can take a few days to a few weeks before it arrives in your mailbox. Please contact us if your card has not arrived after six weeks. We will then sent you a new card. You will get your postcard in any case!

And then where to go with the postcard?

Buy a suitable picture frame for your postcard and hang it up at your home! So you will enjoy your artwork for a long time and have an exciting story ready for asking guests! Maybe you start to dream while looking at it and plan your next trip…?

Post a picture of yourself with your new artwork on Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag #Rausgefahren.
We are also happy about your feedback in our Etsy Onlineshop!

More Questions?

Send us an Email with your Question!

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Thanks for your support!
Greetings from,
Olga, Michel and sheep